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Producer Name: Tatsuya Matsuoka (松岡 達矢)
4 Program(s)
  • For Women
  • Human
  • Mystery
  • On-off drama
  • Romance
  • Suspense
  • Tearjerker

The Real Thing

Kuzumichi Tsuji is a “Good man” who has a good reputation for his work. He has casual relations with two women in his workplace, however, he feels kind of bore for dull days without excitement. He has never fallen in love with someone from the bottom of his heart.
One day, he meets a mysterious ...

  • Comedy
  • Human
  • Travel

Welcome, Migrants!

This is a documentary drama for encouraging migrants to make a living in the country side.

One of the 2 characters is a woman who aspires to become an Architectural designer who's personality has a tendency to jump the gun and a man who wants to start a classic café business but he is wavering ab...

  • Human
  • Mystery
  • Suspense


Two years old boy is suddenly involved in the accident. The father of that boy, Satoshi, who is a journalist chases by the story and seeks the truth of the death of his child.

The truth he found out from his persistent news gathering, it was a combination of many sequence of crimes, such things ...

  • Comedy
  • Idol
  • School

Musical in A Clubroom♪

The story starts in a historical musical club at a girls’ high school which in on the verge of breaking up. Because of its harsh training for musicals instructed by senior members, newcomers have left one after the other. Ikeko, a girl who loves musicals, is in charge to be captain this year, but s...