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Fragments of The Last Will

It’s 1945, and World War II has just ended. A glacial winter, reaching 40 degrees Celsius below zero... Day after endless day of merciless labor, fueled only by scarce rations. Amidst the men dying off one by one in the hellish Soviet concentration camp is Hatao Yamamoto. “You must not give up hope....


Fund My Fantasy

Do you have a secret dream that you wish would come true?

In the show, the host presents the ‘dream of the week’ collected from the general public. Two teams lead by celebrities introduce potential companies and entities who has the experience and ability to make the ‘seemingly impossible dreams’...

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First Kiss Boys

Hey, grownups. You say it’s not cool to keep it real. Then show us how an adult should live. You’re all crappy liars who sugarcoat what you say. You have no dreams and never struggled. You’ve got no flow.

Minato Kujo lives in a rural town, feeling empty and lost as he spits out lyrics. His firs...

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First Kiss Ladies

“First Kiss Ladies” is a show about 6 women who want to overwrite their first kiss.

They will live under the same roof with Ren and try to capture his heart. The one who manages to do so gets to replace her first kiss. A mockumentary presents fiction as a documentary. As cast members improvise ...

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Flair Bartender'z

The four main characters grew up in different environments.
They meet "competitive bartending", and with their own
thoughts and feelings, they try to win the Flare competition.
They aim to win the Flair competition with their own feelings...
In order to learn more about his father, who left hom...

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Friends Game

Which is more important, friendship or money?

Yuichi Katagiri, a high school student, is abducted with four of his friends and forced to participate in a "Friends Game" to pay off a debt he was suddenly saddled with.
The game is supposed to be easy to beat as long as you have friendship, but for...

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Hanae dreamed of representing Japan in karate until misfortune deprived her of everything. She mopes about until she encounters Haruki, composer of the song that once motivated her before karate matches. Romance blooms but is complicated by Shingo, a flashy childhood friend long in love with Hanae. ...

  • Sports

FAKE MOTION-The Only Wish-

The Table Tennis Warring States Period

The high school totem pole is not determined by grades or how many guys one can beat up. It is all about winning in table tennis, and the fierce battle for hegemony between the high school students resembles the fights for territories during Japan's Warring ...

  • Human

Family Bond

Kawasaki is a master carpenter who has a consummate skill. He looks scary but he is full of human warmth and has a weakness for women. Living with his wife and a daughter happily and as usual, he works hard, the sales woman of an insurance company passes by his work place . In fact, she is a single ...

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Franz Kafka in Tokyo

Franz Kafka
Powerless in every way and moreover, in the most perfect way. Franz Kafka, the great novelist widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature.
Yet given this stature, we find his life itself was more absurd than what was depicted in his novels. Few people know th...

  • Romance

Fake Affair

A true love story that begins with one lie.

Shoko has never had a serious relationship. Before she knew it, she was 32 and had become the poster child for all sorts of unflattering labels society puts on unmarried women: "30s and single," "the temp worker who got tired of looking for a husband," ...

  • Human

Five Days to Execution

A deeply suspenseful drama in which a young lawyer who survived the murder of his family 30 years ago confronts a criminal on death row.

Thirty years ago, a family of three was slaughtered.
Facing the death row convict accused of the crime is young lawyer Yusuke Asari (Hideaki Takizawa).

  • Suspense


A young man,who lost his family
due to false accusations based on
biased reporting,uncovers the
truth of the people who framed
his mother as a criminal.
His"weapon"is FINAL CUT.It is a fatal
video that ends one's life when it
goes public.

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From Today, It's My Turn!!

The first-ever spoiled, unjust, and overly cunning unconventional hero in drama history just might have been borne!

Heroic main character Mitsuhashi, who sports a perm and blond hair, goes by the credo, "I will win no matter what it takes!" Yet for a main character, he is rather unjust, connivi...

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Welcome, Haunted house!Who will be our first prey?
7 boys visited a B&B for summer training for a dance club in the high school.
They spent a terrifying night, which no one ever anticipated.
Unexpected! This drama is shot by a smart phone which has the feeling of being there with the audience ex...

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Fish & Pretty Girls... plus Pops

We Love Fishing: In this program, Haruka, who is a complete beginner in fishing, and Ami, who often goes fishing on weekends, go wild fishing and catching big or rare fish, such as yellowtail, rockfish, and bullhead, in the sea, rivers, and lakes in the vast lands of Hokkaido. The “pops,” who serves...

  • Romance

Frankenstein's Love

The “Frankenstein” that is known the world over comes back to modern day Japan as an original love story.
After numerous trials and errors experimenting with bringing a dead person back to life, Dr. Franken finally creates an ugly yet kindhearted monster who will never age and die.

A man who was...

  • Human

Fun & learn Hokkaido !!

Let’s have fun and learn Hokkaido ! Dig in Hokkaido with together !! We timely delve into a lot of interested topics in Hokkaido. This documentary program is curiosity tickling your intellectual !

【# 1 Take a spectacular view! Drone's world in Hokkaido】
Drone is called “Industrial revolution in...


Flying Witch

A new life as a witch out in the country...
Aomori, Japan

In a land blessed by nature's bountiful beauty, bizarre things begin to take place. Makoto Kowata, 15 years old, is a professional witch. She left Yokohama with Chito, her black cat, to live in the house of her relatives in Aomori. This i...

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Fantastic Girls

Original story by Maha Harada "Fantastic Girls, Okayama, 1980" (Shodensha).                     In 1980, Ayuko (Mio Yuki) is a new transfer student in Okayama from Tokyo. She doesn't have any friends. She can only rely on her boyfriend Hideho who is a college student. Ayuko secretly draws a romance ...

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Far Away Neighbours

Adventurous Places, Unbelievable Stories!
Is this a simple travel show? – NO!
A documentary show? – NO!
The format offers a mix of unimaginable adventure and human stories!
A traveler goes in search for their fellow countrymen in faraway places.

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Starring Kenichi Matsuyama & Directed by Yu Irie!
Based on the comic “FUTAGASHIRA” by Natsume Ono.
A ransackingly entertaining historical piece filled with the slick tricks and thrilling deceptions of a band of thieves.


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Fisherman's pride in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is paradise of tasty fish!!
There are so many port towns in Hokkaido to visit. A female reporter goes to every town,
Embark the fisherman’s ship and taste the fish!!

Hokkaido is surrounded by great sea of nature, where many kinds of fish are living. Tuna, salmon, scallop, shrimp, crabs...

  • Art

Fantastic Fireworks - Traditional Katakai Festival - (Japanese Title : 片貝まつり ~想いが夜空を彩る奉納煙火~) 

The Katakai Festival has about 400years of history from the Edo era. This festival is famous for its 15000 fireworks and 4 shaku-dama, the world largest firework which recorded in the Guiness Book.

The fireworks are an integral part of the local culture, and the festival has a tremendous amount o...

  • Nature

Family Ties: Western Lowland Gorilla

Giant gorillas are remarkable primates. Males routinely weigh more than 200 kilograms. It was once believed that these mighty apes lived only on the ground. But it was discovered that gorillas living in the tropical rainforests of the African nation of Gabon can climb trees as tall as 30 meters in s...

  • Nature

Follow the Footsteps: Blue Wildebeest

In May, when the dry season comes to East Africa's Serengeti plain, vast herds of a particular grazing animal set out to make a thousand-kilometer march north in search of fresh grass. These are blue wildebeests. They travel in herds of over a million head that include many newborns. As they migrate...


Fukushima: Witnesses to a Nuclear Disaster

Please check the official site.

  • Nature

Fire Bird -- Southern Carmine Bee-eater, Namibia

There is a bird species that amazingly loves dangerous bees and fire. Southern carmine bee-eaters, which are found in Africa, have a particular liking for bees with venomous stingers. They use their beak to catch flying bees midair and they carefully remove the stingers before eating. They are true ...

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”Change your face, change your life.”

If you could exchange faces with another person, what would happen to your life?

Shun Kirishima is a genius cosmetic surgeon. Known as the “Face-Maker,” he’s the only Japanese person to have performed operations in the United States Marshals for the Fede...

  • Nature

Flash Dance by the Mystery Fish -- Blue-lined Sea Bream, Palau

Off the coast of the tropical Pacific Ocean island of Palau, 100,000 fish suddenly appear out of nowhere and go through a wild, flash dance. The fish are blue-lined sea bream. This fish is brightly colored, with stripes of shimmering blue and yellow. As suddenly as they came, the huge swarm of wildl...

  • Nature

Fishing Journey in Japan

Let's soak into the fascinating world of fishing while enjoying the rich and diverse natural environments in Japan!
This program takes the viewers on a fun journey through various types of fishing in Japan. Some of the featured fishing techniques are lure fishing in a stream, surf fishing from a ro...

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Fake Family

Look at the happy family! Mom, dad, brother, sisters…but wait! All is not as it appears.
One of them is an actor pretending like a real member of the family! In this show, a family and an actor spend one day to trick studio panelists to get prize.
Can you guess which one is an actor?
A celebri...

  • Nature

Fish Springing from Sand Dunes -- Lencois, Brazil

Lencois, located in northeastern Brazil, is known as the whitest dunes on earth. However, when the rain comes every half year, this scenery of pure white sand stretching over 150 thousand hectares completely changes. Countless lagoons are formed, creating a startling contrast between the white sand ...

  • Nature

Fish's Aerial War -- Mudskipper, Japan

Related to gobies, mudskippers inhabit the largest tidelands in Japan and grow to a length of 20 centimeters. Although they are fish, they hardly ever swim, instead preferring to spend their time out of the water and crawling around on land. When two rival mudskippers meet close up, they will sudden...

  • Nature

Fateful Journey of the Golden Butterfly -- Monarch Butterflies, Middle-Mexico

Once a year, hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies gather en masse in forests in central Mexico. They form these huge groups to pass the winter in the warmth of Mexico. When spring comes, they begin their migration to northeastern Canada, 3,500 kilometers away. On their way, they lay their egg...

  • Nature

Flash Dance! -- Banded Blue Sprat, Japan

Found in western Japan, the banded blue sprat is a small fish, only about ten centimeters in length. At the beginning of summer every year, millions of these fish are said to appear and spawn in great numbers. Yet exactly when, where, and how does this mass spawning occur? NHK's cameras followed the...