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You, Me and Bach

Yaeko Kogure’s marriage engagement is broken off by her fiancé just as she resigns from her job amid congratulations. Standing stunned in a shopping mall, she hears Bach’s “Air on the G String” playing nearby, and it moves her to overcome her setback by taking up the violin. She joins a class with a...

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You Go, Cheer Boy!~The Only Boy on the Team~

We follow the story of one boy doing his best in the field of cheerleading, a competitive sport with a strong feminine image, and one boy trying his hardest to keep up. Out of a group of 35, he is the only male student. He says "At first, it was really hard..." so why did he join the cheer team? Wha...

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You! Answer!!

This quiz show is one like no other!

It‘s the fastest finger first quiz. But there is a catch...
 ▼ In front of each of the 5 contestants, there are 4 buttons.
 ▼ However, none of these buttons correspond to that person. Instead, they are for the other 4 people.
 ▼ In other words, when a conte...

  • Comedy

Your Home is My Business! -2nd Attack-

Her biggest rival emerges!

It was the summer of 2016 when legendary real estate agent Machi Sangenya suddenly appeared out of the blue and sold tons of homes in ways that were at times heartwarming and at times shocking.

Two years after she disappeared, Machi resurfaces and takes her act to th...

  • Mystery

Your Turn to Kill

Is there someone you want to kill right now?
From work, friends, romance to family, we find ourselves in all sorts of relationships. It is almost certain there are some phrases everybody has said at least once. "I just want to kill that person!" "I wish that person would just die!"

But what if y...

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You Always haunt My Heart

Kyoko is a young woman whose low esteem often manifests itself as suspicious behavior. So when she joins a company and is taken by a senior colleague to her first ever speed date party, she meets a manga editor, Yoshizaki, who doesn’t hold back in his harsh appraisal of her. Though mortified at firs...

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You’ve Got Someone to Come Home To

A realistic portrayal of the daily struggles, pent-up frustrations and miscommunication of marital life that people everywhere can relate to, centered around the marriage of two couples. Mayumi Sato and her husband Hideaki are into their 13th year of marriage and have a teenage daughter. With childr...

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YES MAN discovers the world

How will your trip unfold if all you can say is "YES"?

In this hilarious reality entertainment, the unplanned and unscripted three-day journey will produce unpredictable results.
A traveler arrives in a foreign land full of expectations. Will he find amazing food, breathtaking sceneries, or ev...

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Detailed coverage on a town of female divers and fishermen in the Ise-Shima region.

Ijika-cho, Toba, Mie prefecture is a small fishing harbor with a population of less than 500 where people have been living with the blessings of a bountiful sea for generations. Ijika is a town where the “wisdom o...

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Yae's Sakura (Japanese Title : 大河ドラマ「八重の桜」)

Sometimes following her dreams means breaking the rules.

NHK's famed Taiga drama series continues with the historical tale of Japanese heroine, Yae Niijima (1845-1932). Since Yae was from the Aizu Domain, which included the present-day Fukushima Prefecture, it is hoped that this tale of triumph o...


Yasu - A Single Father's Story

When a man raises a son on his own, it naturally produces a strong relationship between them. This heartwarming story speaks to the unbreakable bond between fathers and sons, even when separated by time, distance-or a lie.

Yasu is a Hiroshima truck driver, living a happy life with his family in t...

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Yurichika e, Mama kara no Dengon

This heartwarming and touching drama is based on the true story of Ms. Terenin Akiko.
「It’s fun to fall in love!」Akiko attempts to give her daughter love advice in this book as if talking to her future daughter. That’s because when writing this book she is diagnosed as having terminal cancer with l...

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“The hit anime series from the ‘70s is refashioned for the 21st century!”

Join Gan, his girlfriend Ai, and their all-purpose rescue robot dog, Yatterman, as they strive to foil the plans of the evil Doronbo gang. This gang will do whatever it takes to steal the Dokuro Rings, which, if all five ar...

  • Comedy

Your Home is My Business!

“There isn’t a house I can’t sell.”
She's single, beautiful and wears clothes that are a bit flashy, but she never smiles in front of her clients. Machi is a real-estate saleswoman who is known for closing the deal no matter who the client is--100% of the time.
"There isn't a house I can't sell." ...