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“Find the WASABI! –NORIKA’s Hunters–”
January 2015 Launch in Japan, Malaysia & Thailand!

TBS Television will be airing "Find the WASABI! –NORIKA’s Hunters–" from January 2015 (11 episodes). This series is the 2nd edition of the original "Find the WASABI!" series, which was a co-production with Singapore’s MediaCorp, and premiered on January 7th, 2014 in Japan and on February 18th in Singapore. The current series is a co-production with Malaysia’s Primeworks Studios, with partner producers in Singapore (MediaCorp) and Thailand (GMM Channel).

"Find the WASABI! –NORIKA’s Hunters–" is an innovative, new-genre 'reality-game travelogue' series featuring 3 Asian celebrities who are on a special mission to find the 'secret spice' of Japan, and live together in a share house in downtown Tokyo. In each episode, the Hunters are challenged by a powerful "Commander" to solve 'mysteries' about Japan that puzzle people around the world: “Why are Japanese people so serious?” “Do NINJA really exist?” “Is Japan as high-tech as they say?” Is it true that Japanese people are nice?”

Throughout the series, symbol of Japanese beauty Ms. NORIKA FUJIWARA wields her power as “WASABI COMMANDER,” issuing arduous mission orders to the 3 heart-throb, “knock-out” hunters, ADRIAN (Malaysia), GOLF (Thailand) and Jeffrey (Singapore).
ADRIAN TAN (Malaysia, 26), is an actor-singer, who just won the top spot as the most popular male artiste at the 2014 GOLDEN AWARDS, a nationwide local entertainment awards show.

GOLF PICHAYA (Thailand, 27), also a popular actor-singer in Thailand, has fans in Japan from his single release with Tomohisa YAMASHITA which hit the top spot on Japan’s ORICON chart.
JEFFREY XU (Singapore, 26), a popular actor and host of TV shows, is the 2013 Asian Television Award winner for Best Supporting Actor. He received his actor training in Shanghai, is an athlete, and excels at singing, dancing and guitar playing.

The 3 HUNTERS arrived in Japan on November 6th, heading straight from Narita International Airport to nearby Shin-shoji Temple, where they are met by their glamorous “Commander NORIKA,” who immediately sets them on their first challenging mission. Filming of the series started from the moment of the HUNTERS’ arrival to the airport, and though they meet for the first time in Japan, the camera captures their fast developing friendship. The camera will continue to follow them as they progress through their missions, and their camaraderie and rivalry will be a focal point of interest. Shooting will continue in Tokyo until the 11th, when the HUNTERS are sent on a mission to KYUSHU, where they will experience the intensified flavor of Japan's culture in the local prefectures of FUKUOKA, OITA, KUMAMOTO and MIYAZAKI.