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Model Projects for Overseas Development of Broadcast Content Over Terrestrial Television
- Outline of Proposed Projects Adopted by BEAJ -

Undertaking the "FY2014 Model Projects for Overseas Development of Broadcast Content over Terrestrial Television", commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (President: Kyota Omori) and Broadcast Program Export Association of Japan (Chairman Motoyuki Oka (Advisor to SUMITOMO CORPORATION) and Management Board Chairman Hajime Shigemura (Director of Overseas Content Development Division, Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association) have been jointly proceeding with model projects based on adopted ten projects targeted at six countries--Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

■ Outline of Projects
These projects aim to increase "Japan fans" by continuously distributing Japanese content in the six Southeast Asian countries, which have great potential markets for Japanese broadcast content, as well as to encourage Japanese private businesses to further promote content in overseas markets, by creating new models that induce extensive ripple effects. These projects will seek to secure airtime in local terrestrial televisions in each country, to provide or to co-produce broadcast content corresponding with local viewers' needs, and to broadcast these programs on a regular basis. The results obtained through each projects will be analyzed to verify its effects and outcomes.