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Fuji Television Aims to Strengthen Format Sales in the Americas


Fuji Television’s main objectives for NATPE:

1. Strengthen the presence of non-scripted/scripted formats in North America; develop new business opportunities in Central and South America

2. Find opportunities to co-develop global content


From left to right : Motoi Kizawa (Team Leader/Producer), Yuri Akimoto (Producer), Takayuki Hayakawa (VP of Worldwide Production and Business Development), Mako Tabuchi (Producer), Ryuji Komiya (Team Leader/Producer)

- How have your program export figures changed over the past year?

We have been increasing our program exports over the last couple of years.

- What success have you had licensing your content / formats into North and South America?

We have sold “Iron Chef” globally which has been a huge success.

- How is your global content export strategy changing with the growth of SVoD?

With the growth of SVOD, business opportunities have increased. Before the growth of SVOD, our sales focused on our main prime time series titles, but the growth of SVOD enabled us to sell even our smaller titles to OTT platforms. We have also produced dramas on our own OTT platform called Fuji on Demand (FOD), which naturally increases the titles available for us to sell.

- Which countries / channels around the world are the biggest buyers of your content?

North America, China, and the Southeast Asian market.

- What new shows will you be showcasing in NATPE?

Absolute Zero 4 (2020 | 11 x 60’ | Detective Drama)

This is the story of a special mission squad that obstructs crime before it happens.

The squad infiltrates, pursues, and investigates “future criminals”, who were deduced by analyzing all kinds of big data—security camera videos, emails, phone calls, text messages on social media, and more.

In this title, the story begins several months from now, right at the moment when a large-scale terrorist attack is about to occur. Odagiri, in the midst of her search for the explosives, enters a room to find a man armed with a handgun and standing as still as a statue. In front of him is a woman on the ground, shot to death. The man, who is standing rigidly with tears in his eyes, was no other than Izawa. Shocked, Odagiri is unable to say a word. Izawa, a detective who usually resents criminals, has crossed the line and killed a woman?! Who exactly is the female victim?! And, what’s the meaning behind Izawa’s tears?!

Alive: Dr. Kokoro, The Medical Oncologist (2020 | 11 x 60’ | Medical Drama)

Two female doctors, a physician and a surgeon, have formed the strongest tag team. Taking place in the medical oncology department, this is a “medical drama with a human twist” that tells of the battles and hardships faced by cancer specialists.

Kokoro Onda is a doctor from the medical oncology department. She married a man she met in school named Takumi and gave birth to a boy. Every day was smooth sailing. However, her husband had a falling accident, and has not regained consciousness despite undergoing surgery. Though she acts tough at the workplace, she personally still hasn’t come to terms with reality. And that’s when she meets Kaoru Kajiyama—a capable gastrointestinal surgeon who transferred to her hospital for work. She’s cool, calm, and collected during work and always makes the right calls on the spot, but she’s also a lady with a bold personality that shocks everyone around her. Another part of her is her love life, in which she only deals with difficult men. But, Kaoru has a secret that she can never reveal to Kokoro.

DRONE vs HUMAN (2019 | 45’ | Outdoor Game Show)


A thrilling game show where humans face rapidly evolving drones! 

Do you hear the buzzing sound of the predators? In the year 20XX where AI rules the world, humans are involved in an “experiment”. Humans are given a sole mission… to escape this world by finding the key while merciless drones observe their every move.

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