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Way Too Kawaii!

Way Too Kawaii!
©Kozue Osaki/Bungeishunju Ltd. All rights reserved. | ©NIPPON TV
“How did I end up in a fashion magazine?!”

Nankichi is working for a mega publishing company and was the star of the literary editing department, when all of a sudden he was transferred to a fashion magazine!!

20 denier colored tights, frilled skirts, rainbow spaghetti, bubble tea that people wait in long lines for, and bizarre terms like "prolly," "whatevs," and "mic drop" used by millenials!

He's busy with things he couldn't care less about!
The strong-willed women of the editing department abuse him and he faces constant battles in the world where kawaii reigns supreme!!
"Why am I doing this job?!"
Nankichi works resentfully, constantly making mistakes, and even butts heads with his colleagues!

Yet as he witnesses the professionalism of the models, cameramen, stylists, Harajuku shopkeepers, and fellow editors, he gets inspired and begins to grow.

No matter what the job is, if you pour your heart into it, it becomes really interesting!

What's more, romance begins to bloom with a colleague who used to be an arch-enemy, and even a famous model!

Hidden beneath the glitz and glamour of the fashion magazine world is a hot-blooded passionate spirit!
This is a career drama that showcases the hardworking people who create kawaii.
Yudai Chiba (千葉雄大)
Aimi Satsukawa (佐津川愛美)
Kinako Kobayashi (小林きな子)
Maimi Yajima (矢島舞美)
Leina Ikehata (池端レイナ)
Mario Kuroba (黒羽麻璃央)
Mijika Nagai (長井短)
Asuka Moriyama (森山あすか)
Akiyoshi Nakao (中尾明慶)
Keiko Horiuchi (堀内敬子)
Tetta Sugimoto (杉本哲太)
Scenario Writer
Shuko Arai (荒井修子)
Mako Watanabe (渡邉真子)
Production Year
30 min.
10 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Original broadcast:October, 2018
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