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The Last Train Bound for Nagoya-TARUTETSU

Mirai Fujita (Kana Hanazawa), a complete amateur on the road to becoming the actress of her dreams, is stopped one day by a stranger, Kenta Ishikawa (Toru Nomakuchi). Mirai insists that she is the wrong person, but the man does not believe her. When he shows her a photograph, she is convinced that i...

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  • On-off drama

Washoku Cuisine 2

The story stars a photographer Yuma Shinozuka(Mahiro Takasugi).
His subjects are the providers of food ingredients and the craftsmen who transform them into exquisite products. This time, he came to Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture, for a magazine interview on the theme of Ise lobsters. The shooting of de...

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The Real Thing

Kuzumichi Tsuji is a “Good man” who has a good reputation for his work. He has casual relations with two women in his workplace, however, he feels kind of bore for dull days without excitement. He has never fallen in love with someone from the bottom of his heart.
One day, he meets a mysterious ...