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Eren the Southpaw


Koichi Asakura struggles with the limitations of his own talent but still hangs on to the dream of one day becoming a “somebody.” Meanwhile, Eren Yamagishi is a tremendously gifted artist who must deal with the pain and loneliness that comes from being a genius. These two have a fateful encounter in high school and will eventually go their separate ways - one as a designer in a major advertising agency and the other as an artist based in New York.
A mediocre talent and a genius; the two opposites go through failures and setbacks as they try to discover who they really are. Filled with real moments, it will show an ensemble cast of young people coming into their own.
The catchphrase of the show is “For Everyone who could not be a Genius.”
Modern society can be unfair and cut-throat. Everyone has a complex that makes them feel that “I may not be a genius.” Yet at the same time, we also have pride that makes us want to believe in ourselves. This struggle is very real for young people. You’re not going to want to miss this fresh and vibrant drama of young life.