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Suspects on the Set

Improvise until the culprit is revealed!
Suspects on the Set is a unique mix of Scripted Crime Drama and Unscripted Investigation Battle.

Set in a murder site, actors are summoned to play a role in a mystery drama.

Beforehand, they are each given basic information about the character they play. Their mission is to do the investigation on the spot improvising their characters, but of course one of them is playing the role of a culprit, trying to hide their real identity. There are various clues to unfold the mystery through careful observation and instinctive guessing.

Will they manage to uncover the culprit? Will the killer among them be able to fool the others with exquisite lies? In the end, the shocking truth is revealed.

Suspects on the Set is structured in 3 segments.

First comes the Scripted Crime Drama segment, where actors play their characters to introduce the premise and show various events leading up to the murder in detail.

Secondly, the Unscripted Investigation Battle segment, featuring the thrill and suspense created through improvisation by the actors.
All they know is the premise of the character they continue to play. They must improvise until the culprit is revealed. How the rest unfolds is left entirely to the actors.
Scattered throughout this segment are various items that serve as clues, as well as misleading elements.

Lastly, there is a cast commentary segment where actors look back on their roles and reveal their intentions. (e.g. Why was he grinning then? Why did she hide the bag?) Foreshadows are created by the subtle comments and actions of the actors, making it worthwhile to watch the show repeatedly.

Get ready for this roleplaying mystery full of suspicion.