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Date Established: March 3, 1958
Head Office: 4-360 Denencho, Tottori-shi, Tottori 680-8572 Japan
Paid-in Capital: 200 million yen
Business Overview: Nihonkai Telecasting Co., Ltd (NKT) is a broadcasting station headquartered in Tottori, Japan, and is affiliated with NNN (Nippon News Network).
NKT is broadcasted in the regions of Shimane Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture: San’in region, which is located in the northern region of Western Japan, facing the Sea of Japan. San’in region is also the home of many kinds of historical architecture, customs, and festivals.
We produce lifestyle, documentary, and cultural programs closely with the community and have been the No. 1 TV station in the area for more than 7 years.
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Programming and Business Dept.

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