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Aichi Television Broadcasting Co.,LTD.

Aichi Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd was established in 1983 as the fifth private television station in Aichi Prefecture, with the support of Nikkei Inc., Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd ,Chubu Electric Power Company,Incorporated,TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, and other players in the business world. Aichi Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd has formed the TXN (Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Okayama, and Fukuoka) network, with TV Tokyo Corporation as its key station. Its service area covers approximately 4.66 million households in Aichi Prefecture and its surrounding areas, which accounts for about 94% of the total households in the Tokai region.

Head Office

2-4-8 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-8325 Japan




Akiko Okubo

Content Business Division

Atsuo Inoue

Management Division


  • Comedy
  • Food/Cooking

Groovy Sukiyaki

"Groovy Sukiyaki" (Masayuki Izumi, published by FUSOSHA), a manga unit consisting of Masayuki Kusumi, known as the author of "Lonely Gourmet" and Harunori Izumi (author of "Shoku no Gunshi" and "Dandori-kun"), is a first-person manga with an analytical bombastic approach! Groovy Sukiyaki" (Masayuki ...

  • Food/Cooking

Ramen with me in Nagoya

In the first episode, actress Kurumi Shimizu visits "Ganso Tai Paitan ramen Sakura" in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City. She ordered a set of sea bream paitan ramen with sea bream Chazuke. Putting the soup of paitan ramen on the rice with sashimi of sea bream looks great.
It's so delicious.

  • Comedy
  • Food/Cooking

Sweet King

"Takehiko Kanroji (Riki Takeuchi), notorious for a man of power harassment, an executive officer of the publishing company “Yudansha” has been transferred from Nagoya to the Tokyo head office.
His mission is starting a magazine. However, the theme is ""sweets"" that Kanroji hates most. Even so, he ...