Fresh J-Contents Heatwave Vol.3

Online site JPC releases "Fresh J-Contents Heatwave Vol.3" showcasing trailers of “the latest” & “Fresh” programs from Japanese sellers!

In this trailer, you can check out selected programs from Japanese sellers in the "Entertainment," "Drama," and "Documentary" genres!

If you find a program you are interested in our selections, please feel free to contact BEAJ or the seller directly. Please click on the name of the seller at the bottom of the trailer.

Don't miss this opportunity!

The sellers who provided the program are as follows,


00:18 Chef-1 Grand Prix 2023 / ABC Japan

00:35 Happy Camper / Nagoya TV

00:50 OVERDONE / TV Asahi Corporation

01:06 Superhero in town, Chocolate Thumbnet / Nagoya TV

01:21 Don’t Laugh at My Song! / TV TOKYO Corporation


01:40 The Gift of Your Heart / Fuji Television Network, Inc.

01:59 Ossan’s Love Returns / TV Asahi Corporation

02:16 Loveless Lovers / ABC Japan


02:36 Museum & Trip in KANAZAWA / Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd


If you find a program you are interested in our selection of program trailers, please feel free to contact BEAJ or the seller directly. Don't miss this opportunity!