[NIPPON TV] Rebooting to stream on Netflix APAC


Nippon TV's multiple award-winning series Rebooting to stream on Netflix in APAC countries starting January 19th.


TOKYO – January 19, 2024 – Nippon TV's multiple award-winning series Rebooting will stream on Netflix in APAC countries starting January 19th.

Nippon TV, Japan's leading multiplatform entertainment powerhouse, announced today that Netflix, the world's leading streaming service, has acquired Nippon TV's multiple-award-winning time loop drama series Rebooting (60 min. eps.) to stream in the APAC region.

The series has won multiple awards nationally and internationally, with the most recent one being Best Scriptwriting Award at the Asian Television Awards 2024 held in Vietnam this January 13th.

Netflix will stream the hit series starting January 19th in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and many more countries in SE Asia. Netflix Japan has already started to stream Rebooting in Japan and the series has recorded the number one status on many days of their daily top ten rankings.

Rebooting aired on Nippon TV from January to March 2023, amazing viewers with a completely new twist on the time loop genre and went on to receive Nippon TV's record making number of views on VOD all throughout the year. Due to popular demand, in December 2023 Nippon TV re-aired the full 10-episode series for viewers to binge watch over the holidays as well as made the series available on the national VOD platform, TVer, for a limited time.

Rebooting has received multiple major national as well as international awards, including ContentAsia Awards 2023 Gold Award for Best Drama Series/Telefilm made for a Single Market in Asia, Content Innovation Awards 2023 Best New Scripted Series Non-English Language, Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023 Best Director (Nippon TV's Itaru Mizuno) and Best Trailer, and most recently the Asian Television Awards 2024 Best Scriptwriting (Scriptwriter Bakarhythm).

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