Marmalade Boy


  • Romance

128 min

© Wataru Yoshizumi / SHUEISHA © 2018 “Marmalade Boy” Film Partners

Real love is not always sweet.

Marmalade Boy, a best-selling comic series with 10 million copies in print, will be made into a live-action movie. Loved by numerous fans around the world for many years, it was adapted into a TV anime series (76 episodes) in 1994 and a theatrical anime movie in 1995, as well as a live-action Taiwanese drama series in 2001.
The new film will be directed by Ryuichi Hiroki of movies Strobe Edge (2015), Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2016), and Policeman and Me (2017).

Out of the blue one day, schoolgirl Miki Koishikawa's parents announce that they are getting a divorce. During their trip to Hawaii, they met another married couple, the Matsuuras, and Miki's mom fell in love with the other husband, and Miki's dad, with the other wife, and hence the two couples are swapping partners and getting remarried. They also propose that the two families, including the Matsuura's son, Yu, who is the same age as Miki, move in together.
As such Miki and Yu start living under the same roof with their unconventional parents. In contrast to Miki, who wants to maintain a certain distance from her off-the-wall parents, Yu seems unfazed by the whole situation. Miki starts falling for Yu, who she discovers has a kind heart under a cool exterior. Then one day, Ginta, Miki's former crush who rejected her while in middle school, confesses that he'd always had feelings for her. And Arimi, who claims to be Yu's ex-girlfriend, also enters the scene...

本作品是由累计发行超过1000万部的大人气漫画「橘子酱男孩儿」改编的真人版电影。原作品在1994 年被改编为TV动画(共76集),1995年被改编为动漫大电影『剧场版橘子酱男孩儿』,2001年在台湾被改编为TV动画等,一直以来都受到国内外众多粉丝的喜爱。


Production Year

2018 ~ 2018


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