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グリザイア:ファントムトリガー THE ANIMATION

  • Action
  • Fantasy
Mihama Academy: A school set up by the government organization CIRS to train a new generation of special agents. Lost girls, torn from ordinary life by the myriad vicissitudes of fate, gather here to be trained in the art of the gun. Among them are four members of SORD, a special force set up to do the jobs the police and the Self-Defence Forces dare not touch: the pistol sharpshooter Rena; the sniper Tohka; the explosives and computer expert Chris; and the ninja spy Murasaki. U__ Harbor, K__ Prefecture. A VIP being transported into Japan suddenly disappears from custody. With the help (or perhaps hindrance) of Choco and Vanilla, twin SORD members from sister school Kyousen Sakuragaoka, the Mihama girls are dispatched to get to the bottom of the disappearance; but every time the 'package' seems within their grasp, he slips through their fingers. What's more, a dangerous enemy lurks in the shadows: 'Soul Speed' Maki, a mysterious black-clad biker terrorizing the highways by night, and now hot on the trail of SORD's quarry. The chase becomes a fight to the death that threatens to leave the girls bloodied and broken, and pulls Rena back into the darkest depths of her past..
  • School

Girls und Panzer

The world has evolved into something different from Japan as we know it.
Traditional Japanese girls are expected to have "tank skills" as well as flower arrangement and tea ceremony skills, and every school has a "tank club".
Miho, a first-year at Matsue girls school, joins the feeble tank club ...

Goblin Slayer - Goblin's Crown

I’m not interested in saving the world. I only want to kill goblins. In a guild on the outskirts of civilization, there’s an adventurer who’s risen to silver rank (the third highest) doing nothing but slaying goblins… A new adventurer priestess find herself in trouble in her first party. The man who...

  • Comedy

I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

An at-home comedy about a powerful girl who doesn’t work too hard!

After dying of overwork in the real world, I’m reincarnated as an immortal witch, and I spend 300 years enjoying a relaxing life. At some point, though, I end up at level 99!

All those years spent killing slimes to make the mon...

  • Drama (Series)
  • Fantasy

IRODUKU:The World in Colors

A girl meets boy story between Hitomi, a girl who lost her color, and Yuito Aoi, the boy who brought it back. An almost painfully pure love story. A story about youth told from multiple perspectives, including those of her grandmother Kohaku and the rest of her club. Through these experiences, hea...

Scar On The Praeter

Tokyo. The Akatsuki Special District. This newly created special economic zone was fully controlled by the gigantic Sakishima Holdings conglomerate. Attempts by rival corporations to take advantage of the tax advantages and other regulatory benefits within the zone lead to the massive “Akatsuki Conf...


The five members of the Kaminoyama High School anime club swore over a box of Hyoutan doughnuts that someday they would make an anime. After graduating, they all go on to work in different places in the anime industry.
After producing “Exodus!” and “Third Aerial Girls Squad”, Aoi Miyamori begins to...

Talentless Nana

Psychics are sent to a school on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean, in order to fight a supposed “enemy of humanity”. But a girl who transfers there is actually an assassin sent by the government to kill the psychics, who are the true “enemy of humanity!”

She’ll have to use her brains...

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

My 17th summer in a countryside city…
Cherry is a young boy who has trouble communicating with others, who always wears headphones so that nobody will talk to him. His hobby is putting the feelings he can’t say aloud into his ‘haiku’, Japanese poem. Smile is a girl who always wears a mask to hide h...