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The junk car is a gold mine


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[Program Catalog] The junk car is a gold mine 廃車は宝の山~不況に打ち克つリサイクル業者|MRO
[Program Catalog] The junk car is a gold mine 廃車は宝の山~不況に打ち克つリサイクル業者|MRO
[Program Catalog] The junk car is a gold mine 廃車は宝の山~不況に打ち克つリサイクル業者|MRO

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Kaihosangyo Co., Ltd. of Kanazawa-shi is a company of the car recycling. President Norihiko Kondo changed the auto sales company to the recycling company(Kaihosangyo Co., Ltd.) which sell a used parts. And the company exports motor parts to 74 countries of the world now. This program introduces "The know-how that established recycling business" and "Management philosophy of President Kondo" and "Future business development". And, for enlightenment of the recycling awareness in the everyday life, this program conveys "the importance of taking good care of a thing" that modern people almost forget.



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