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Udo-chan’s Trip Special 2019
旅ゴメ特別編 冬の長良川鉄道 答エハナクトモ旅ハ流ルル

Udo-chan travels around Mino city in Gifu prefecture with a popular Japanese actor, Koji Yamamoto, and a former member of AKB48, Kayo Noro. They take a train on Nagara-gawa line and walk around wherever they wish.
Mino city is famous for some traditional craft; one of them is edged tools like “Katana” sword. At first, they visit a cutlery museum and try blade shaping there. After having lunch at a café they found on the way to a station, they go to a famous place –a group of traditional buildings preserved for over 400 years. In the Edo era, there was a unique construction style of roofs called “Udatsu.” They visit a sake-factory and a museum for lanterns made by “Washi” paper which is originally manufactured in Mino city. Then they visit a 1300-year-old shrine and find a strange sign on the map which marks a tree named “What tree?”

新春恒例!旅してゴメン特別編SP「冬の長良川鉄道」!ゲストに多芸多才な俳優・山本耕史さんと元AKB48メンバー野呂佳代さんを迎えガタンゴトンと自由気ままにぶっつけ本番!行き当たりばったりのリアル旅♪ 情緒あふれる町並みに癒されて思わず本音トーク!プライベート発言も満載!旅にはナゾがつきもの?果たして解明はできるのか?
Udo Suzuki (ウド鈴木)
Koji Yamamoto (山本耕史)
Kayo Noro (野呂佳代)
Production Year
1 episode
International sales company
Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd. (Nagoya TV)