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The Winner Beats It All

This is a " head-to-head" battle between five challengers and a champion of various genres.
The challenger will challenge with a striking skill he or she is good at, and the champion must take all fight.
In short, the champion must fight with the five specialists, regardless of his or her own str...

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The first co-development project by KANSAI TV and Red Arrow Studios International.
CRAZY CAROUSEL is the comedy gameshow inspired by Japan’s Sushi Go-Round restaurants.
Three teams are served up surprising questions and unique challenges where every possible answer or task is delivered on a giant ...

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Light Away!

This game show won the top prize at the "BCWW International Format Pitching" held in Korea.
Also nominated for Best Asian Original Game Show at the "Content Asia Awards" held in Singapore.
The Challengers called "Darkness Phantom Thieves" compete in the "Hall of Light".
They challenge a thrilling...

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Ninja vs Camera

Can agile ninjas sneak into a house filled with state-of-art security cameras and steal the hidden treasure?

The Ninjas, legendary Japanese spies, are sneaking into a mansion. Their ultimate objective is to retrieve the treasures that the Lord has taken from his people and give them back. The ma...


Sneak n Shop

A team of contestants sneak into a large electronics store and carry the appliances whatever they want to the checkout counter. Above them, drone cameras operated by another group fly around and try to read the passwords they have on their bodies. If the contestants make it through the time limit wi...


All but divorced

A man and a woman. After seven years of marriage and painfully failed attempts to have a boby, love has faded away. No conversation, no sex. They are married because they have not divorced yet.
The husband has been sleeping with a teenager whom he forces to have an abortion. Cornered by his wif...



Here’s the story of a new section at the Metropolitan Police Department.
Their mission is to find the anonymous abusers on social net working site.
Wataru is a police inspector working for the new section. He’s been demoted because of a “certain” investigation which will be a key throughout the dr...

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An underground group of special investigators, Avalanche tracks down criminals who conspire with government officials to break the law. After collecting evidence using tactics that border on the illegal, Avalanche kidnaps wrongdoers and forces them to confess in a court of their own making: social m...


Dead Stock

Two young TV directors, one a sensitive introvert and the other an ambitious cynic, re-investigate the strange and supernatural phenomena found on unaired videotapes discovered in the vaults of an old TV station, ends up facing the horrifying mystery concealed.
Inspired by real events and urban leg...

  • Suspense

School Police

Ryuhei Shimada is an excellent but stubborn detective who has chosen to work at a public junior high school as Japan's first-ever school police officer. He soon discovers that the seemingly-normal institution is teeming with problems that he is determined to solve: cyberbullying, sexual harassment, ...

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Chiko's Challenge

Co-viewing comedy show which challenges celebrities with child-like innocent questions which are often surprisingly difficult to answer. The quizmaster is an “eternal 5 year old” character named Chiko. She is half CGI, half costume voiced by a famous male comedian. Full of curiosity and hard to plea...

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Crush Park

Break everything and be the ultimate crusher in this stress-busting game show!
Break everything and be the ultimate crusher in this stress-busting game show!

Once leaving the stressful reality and stepping into this vibrant wonderland, players are encouraged to break things with their mighty b...

  • Entertainment

In the Middle of Nowhere

There are dramatic stories in the middle of nowhere.

In various regions of Japan, mysterious isolated houses are found somehow hidden alarmingly far away from the nearby town. Who lives there? What made them se le themselves into such a way of life? Finding the clue just by a satellite photograph...

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It is a psychological quiz battle based on the werewolf game between three players who want to answer correctly and X, who wants to answer all questions incorrectly.
This is a one-story game.
In each episode, we have cast four people with different relationships.
For example, in an episode f...

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Quiz Pinch Hitter

A completely new quiz show where the contestants don’t have to answer the question!

In this information society where you can find everything online, we will ask hard questions that cannot be easily answered by searching on the internet or on your smart phones!
Use your network of connections of...

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Who Is The Real Celebrity

The celebrity must have the knowledge of a first class lifestyle.

The show has run successfully for more than 10 years in Japan!
The concept of this show is that the celebrity MUST HAVE knowledge of a first class lifestyle. Can you recognize the difference between a €10,000 wine and a cheap wine...

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Our new format “Gotttttcha!!!” is based on a simple game known all around the world: “hide and seek”. But by adding three original twists, it’s reborn into the most hilarious and exciting game show, presented with a cool and futuristic look!
The first twist is that the players (which consist of ce...

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Our new format “CAST WARS” is not only a hilarious and exciting game show that viewers of all generations can enjoy, but the best chance a broadcaster or platform can get to promote their latest shows (such as dramas, reality shows and news programs) to those viewers in a completely new way! The for...

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Piggyback Challenge

Trouble when double!

What would you fight through with your partner to win a dream experience for free?

Couples compete against other pairs while piggybacking their partner as they clear the given tasks such as shopping, jogging or dining within a time limit, in pursuit of their dream prize.

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Water Fortress -If you fall you are OUT-

Capture the fortress on the water and win the prize!
The rules are simple: if you fall into the water, you are out. But your path is blocked by a powerful enemy, the Soldier. Can you shake off the interference of the oncoming Soldier and complete the games without falling and win the prize?

  • Food/Cooking

Golden Spoon: Mama is the Best!!!

Every mother brings up her children with a lot of love.

Little and innocent 4 - 6 year-old kids are the judges here.

Every child would say ”Mama’s dish is the best!”

Mothers know their beloved kids’ favorite taste.

They have been brought up with homemade dishes by their mother.

Kids m...

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Sokkuri Sweets

Taste it to test it! This show is worth sinking your teeth in!

A gameshow in which celebrities try to spot sweets that look identical to objects that surround us.
Masterpieces by top-notch pastry chefs challenge their eyes.
Whether it's a shoe, a plant, or a doorknob, they must distinguish re...

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Beat the Rooms

The crazy, action-packed new gameshow

“Beat the Rooms” is the only action gameshow where players are challenged NOT to do something! - Don’t breathe! Don’t get nervous! Don’t fall! and more - all with wacky, hilarious results! In each episode, two teams of four try and ‘beat’ two rooms, each room...

  • Entertainment

High School 3-C!

TV TOKYO will create an “Ideal” Home Room in one year. Every week in this daily live show we will invite 5 amateur young contestants to join the class room for five days and try numerous activities prepared by the classroom teachers. On the last day only one out of five contestants stay in the class...

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The entertaining new physical gameshow that challenges contestants to stay on the wall – or have a great fall!

In this fun and hilarious format, two teams of four players - each with their backs literally against a wall - battle it out in a variety of physical games, combining trivia, strategy,...

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Red Carpet Survival

Three brave bodyguards protect a VIP despite severe danger!

Red Carpet Survival is a new type of thrilling game show where contestants act as bodyguards who must safely escort a VIP. The boss gives the bodyguards a mission; to make the VIP stay on the red carpet that stretches out to their dest...

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New dynamic and crazy extreme sports is born.
The game is simple. Contestants go on the swing and kick their shoe as far as they can. That’s it.
However, the swing is not normal. We create the monster size swing of 35m height with huge crane. With this monster size swing, contestants swing and k...

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You! Answer!!

This quiz show is one like no other!

It‘s the fastest finger first quiz. But there is a catch...
 ▼ In front of each of the 5 contestants, there are 4 buttons.
 ▼ However, none of these buttons correspond to that person. Instead, they are for the other 4 people.
 ▼ In other words, when a conte...

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Once a month 10 junior female professional golfers take part in a “Shoot-Out”survival game. Over 9 holes the players compete to win ¥1,000,000!
As each hole is played, the player with the worst score drops out leaving only one winner...
Definitely this is a Must-See program!

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The youth of today lack the ambition of yesteryear.
Is Japan’s economic clout destined to fade away?!
But even now, there are those that would stoke the flame of ambition... the Bosses!
As TV personalities reach for such Bosses’ hearts, drawing out emotion and raw humanity, we’ll discover the sec...

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This show focuses on comedians and actors, and finds out the differences of their power of expression. Actors and comedians, in team of 3, compete on how good they can dub on muted videos.

Challengers first watch a short muted video and then they put their voice on it.

The videos span from a ...


Hungry 9

Genre:Social Experiment

Behind a locked door, 9 people hungry to achieve the same goal play mind games to become the ultimate winner.
One goal, nine desperate aspirants, countless mind games to eliminate the rest and be the only winner. In a locked room, they have 24 hours to determine "the one,...

  • Reality


In 2017, a Ferrari worth 2 million dollars was found covered with dust in an abandoned Japanese shed. It was forgotten in the shed for over 40 years without the owner noticing its value. Do you remember what’s in your shed? Have you opened your shed recently? From celebrity’s shed to ordinary people...

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Late Night Show with Nitty & Gritty

People have their obsessions. Some have pasts. Many may not be "worthy" of mainstream television coverage, but we often read about them buzzing on social media. This show encourages and celebrates these weird, dark, niche, and definitely underground ways of life through a candid talk show using pupp...

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Do you know the how-we-met story of your parents?

Not so many people should have heard the story, none should have watched it.
The very first conversation, the first kiss, the relationship problems they faced – this is not just a story of your parents, this is a part of your history.

LOVE ...

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Draining pond water project has become a phenomenon in Japan!

After the first broadcasting, “Draining Pond Water” project has become a sensation in Japan.
Celebrities visit muddy, dirty ponds and drain all the water up to investigate what is causing the pollution.
In many cases the pollution is...