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Breakfast Around the World

Each week, we visit a city in another part of the world. In the first half, our "virtual reporter" who stays behind the camera strolls around the city to visit famous tourist spots, introduce its culture and customs, and discover souvenirs and local foods. In the second half, we visit the home of a ...

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9 VS 9

Who says Bingo is a good old forgotten game?

Check on this to witness the thrilling excitement of an evolved Bingo, the kind of fun that you have yet to experience!

Two teams of nine are seated in a bingo-like formation and they tackle a flood of various quizzes one after another! Nine members...

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University professors, geniuses with IQ of over 148, junior high school students from well-known private schools and celebrities with high education come to this brain twisting game show to compete against each other.
The questions asked are not ordinary quizzes --- the contestants need to use thei...