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Beat the Rooms

The crazy, action-packed new gameshow

“Beat the Rooms” is the only action gameshow where players are challenged NOT to do something! - Don’t breathe! Don’t get nervous! Don’t fall! and more - all with wacky, hilarious results! In each episode, two teams of four try and ‘beat’ two rooms, each room holding several Missions that test their ability to overcome a physical or mental obstacle. Don’t Fly Off! is near impossible when being spun around and trying to answer questions! And Don’t Breathe! is all you can think about when you’re underwater trying to solve puzzles!
Two players from each team take on a room together, one team after the other, with the goal of completing the Missions and beating the room in the quickest time possible. Each player has their own countdown clock, which runs faster if they break the rules, and at the end of each game players with the least time are eliminated by being sent crashing through the wall!
In the hilarious finale, each team’s two surviving players use time saved from the rooms to help them race across a huge, slippery slope. Observing a final important rule - Don’t Slip Off! - only one team will slide to victory and “Beat the Rooms”!

・From the creators of Dragons’ Den / Shark Tank
・Commissioned straight-to-series by Nippon TV
・Combines a crazy physical gameshow with quiz and puzzle challenges

Created by Nippon TV and Red Arrow Studios
Produced by Nippon TV for Nippon TV (Japan)

Production Year
60 min. or 30 min.
International sales company
Nippon TV