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If Talking Paid

The quibbler extraordinaire leads his family to the ultimate love.

In the eyes of society, our 31-year-old main character would be considered a loser. His love for coffee inspired him to start a company right after college, but things didn't work out. For seven years now, he's been a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). He wants to do something about it but his special talent for winning any argument enables him to quibble and make excuses for his shortcomings.

He's been living with his mother like a parasite while she continues to run the coffee shop her late husband left behind. One day, his older sister shows up with her family to stay with them while her house is being rebuilt. With her in the mix, huge changes are in store.

Big sis calls it as she sees it--her brother quibbles to run away from reality, and their mother is partially at fault. These words hit their mother where it hurts and shakes her to the core. Will he survive his brutal sister and turn his disastrous situation around to become an independent man?

What should a family look like in the current Reiwa era anyway? Better yet, what does it mean to live?

In today's Japan, there are countless men in their 30s who are unemployed, out of school, and live with their parents. This is a funny family story that features a loser who chooses to make excuses because change is scary and requires too much effort. Bear witness to how his struggles, failures, and hopelessness put the entire family on a rollercoaster, yet end up strengthening their bond.

Toma Ikuta (生田斗真)
Production Year
60 min.
Movie Quality
International sales company
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Original broadcast : October, 2019
Track : Japanese