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Before After

Ⓒ ABC Japan
Dreaming of the perfect house for your family?
This is a house renovation show which will dramatically change the life of the chosen family.

A dramatic renovation show that changes family’s life!
Cramped kitchens, dangerous stairs, tiny bathrooms... Each “Takumi,” the master of renovation, turns the house full of seemingly impossible problems into a brand-new living space for the owners. And the final results are surprising, touching and very dramatic! Takumi’s s techniques to incorporate traditional elements of Japanese design with modern innovation and ingenious space-saving solutions are astonishing to watch.
Takumi also tries to retain or relates some family heirloom or the client’s interests within their final design, making the renovation that much unique and personal to the family. The restoration of the house always brings the family closer.
The Before After brings a dramatically exciting change to the home and the family!
George Tokoro (所ジョージ)
Production Year
98 episodes x 60min.
84 episodes x 120min.
182 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company
Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation