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”Change your face, change your life.”

If you could exchange faces with another person, what would happen to your life?

Shun Kirishima is a genius cosmetic surgeon. Known as the “Face-Maker,” he’s the only Japanese person to have performed operations in the United States Marshals for the Federal Witness Protection Program. He doesn’t take fees from his patients. Instead, they trade in their original faces.

Kirishima’s Operation Rules:
1. Compensation is the patient’s original face
2. A new face must be chosen from the face library
3. Each person can only receive the operation once

His face library is hidden in the examination room. Countless faces are lined up neatly there, with their eyes closed shut. These faces all came from previous patients who had rejected them. There are thousands of faces, waiting intently for a new owner to appear.

Each episode, a new guest visits the Face-Maker, stepping out into a new life with their ideal face...
That is, until their life spins off track when somebody else appears with their old face.

In the last five minutes, catharsis hits! These patients who have had their faces exchanged with somebody else’s... You’ll never guess the conclusions they come to!

This shocking cosmetic surgery suspense drama begins now!
Masaru Nagai (永井大)
Production Year
13 + episodes
International sales company
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Yomiuri-TV Enterprise LTD.