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Now is the golden era of dance performances in Japan and everyone's taking to the floor. All the dancers are aiming for one thing – to be crowned the KING OF DANCE. Skilled dancers from across the country are gathering to take part in an event that's being held for the first time in 5 years...

Sora is the leading character who has disappeared from the dance scene due to an unfortunate accident. There's also Kaito, another dancer who's quit dancing after death of his father, a globally renowned dancer. Despite being talented dancers, the two had distanced themselves from the art due to their internal struggles. But with the K.O.D. contest approaching, they once again resume their passion for dancing.

Who will overcome their difficult past, resolve issues with their teammates, and finally be crowned the K.O.D.?! This story of friendship and rivalry, featuring a colourful cast of characters, is no doubt going to be the hottest dance drama this year!
Akira Takano (高野洸)
Masanari Wada (和田雅成)
Haruki Kiyama (丘山晴己)
Jin Aoki (蒼木陣)
Joey (丞威)
Reo Honda (本田礼生)
Hirofumi Araki (荒木宏文)
Production Year
6 episodes
International sales company
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Yomiuri-TV Enterprise LTD.

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