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GENKIful! KYUSHU Thailand #2 (subtitled)

GENKIful! KYUSHU Hong Kong #2 (subtitled)

GENKIful! KYUSHU Taiwan #3 (subtitled)

Magnificent nature,hot springs, rich variety of food like fresh fish or Wagyu…
There are lots of charms in KYUSHU.

In this program, the popular talents from Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong travel around, and they feel Genki (energized) by the sights and activities.

Production Cooperation: Muse Television


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A popular Australian female talent will visit the blessings of the volcano, and experience various activities, food culture, and hot springs, centering on the national park areas where some of the volcanos of Kyushu are located. The first episode is Oita, the second episode is Kumamoto, the third ep...

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Discover KYUSHU

KYUSHU is located in the southern part of Japan, which is known for its beautiful nature, rich history and culture.

We hope this program gives you a look at how amazing KYUSHU is.

The wonderful scenes shot in 4K should impress and make you want to travel!

Production Cooperation: OAB Cinq ...

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ONSEN Paradise Oh!TA

Oita has Japan's best. That is ONSEN (hot spring).
The number of hot springs and the yield of hot water in Oita is the largest in Japan.
Hot springs in Oita are available in a rich variety including steam bath, sand bath, mud bath…

This program introduces the best ways to enjoy ONSEN as well as...

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ONSEN is a quintessential part of Japanese culture.
A popular reporter from abroad travels around KYUSHU looking for a variety of Japan's original culture.
They had lots of wonderful experiences enjoying ONSEN and encounters.

Production Cooperation: Muse Television, Oita Asahi Broadcasting Co...