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Can I Follow You Home? 我能跟著妳壹起回家嗎? 家、ついて行ってイイですか?

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Can I Follow You Home? 我能跟著妳壹起回家嗎? 家、ついて行ってイイですか?|TV TOKYO

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Hilarious midnight documentary show!

In Tokyo, after midnight, many people wander around without destinations.
Some were partying, some were working late, and some were just too drunk to catch the train on time. What happens if a camera crew suddenly asks them to let a camera follow them home in exchange of paying the taxi fair.
There is no time for preparation for the Interviewee. The camera document their house just as it is. Some starts to talk about their previous dream by showing the photo albums. Some starts to confess their gratefulness towards their wife in the middle of the night. Why not discover how people react when a TV crew suddenly visits their home after midnight.


"What's daddy"! 你是我的英雄 世界で働くお父さん

There are some Japanese fathers who are working overseas, away from their families, sometimes only able to visit a few times a year. These fathers are often surprised at how quickly their children grow while they are away. On this show we will follow along with some of these children as they surpris...

All but divorced

A man and a woman. After seven years of marriage and painfully failed attempts to have a boby, love has faded away. No conversation, no sex. They are married because they have not divorced yet.
The husband has been sleeping with a teenager whom he forces to have an abortion. Cornered by his wif...


Here’s the story of a new section at the Metropolitan Police Department.
Their mission is to find the anonymous abusers on social net working site.
Wataru is a police inspector working for the new section. He’s been demoted because of a “certain” investigation which will be a key throughout the dr...

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Are you sure Kichijoji is the only place you want to live?

A story about a funny real estate office run by humourous twin sisters.

“Moving” involves lot of dramas. Overweight twin sisters run a real estate office at Kichijoji , the most popular residential city in Tokyo. However all the real estate recommended by the twins are far away from Kichijoji. A...

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Battle of Big Eaters

"BATTLE OF BIG EATERS" is an Entertainment program which depicts "Who can eat the most?" in a simple contest fashion. It has been On Air for over 20 years in Japan and has been a popular show for the Japanese public. The knockout competition takes place in numerous locations inside Japan( or in some...

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Beyond the Summit ― the challenge of Nobukazu Kuriki

Kuriki, after graduating high school and moving to Tokyo, was unable to find a goal in life. He became a hikikomori, withdrawn from society and voluntarily shut in his home. However after becoming enchanted by mountains, within only three years he conquered summits on six of the seven world continen...

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Big Eating Girl’s Trip

Big Eating Girls go on a non-stop eating gourmet trip all over Japan!

Beautiful big eating girls featured in “The battle of big eaters”, now goes on a gourmet trip. accompanied with the comedian black mayonnaise . The girls just continue on eating at the most renowned gourmet spots and delicious...


A variety show with a new attitude towards animals and pets. This program delights viewers with entertaining and heart-warming animal stories. The program combines cute footage with an intriguing emotional story to amuse everyone.

Main Segments
Cuteness Ranking
Adorable baby animals soundly a...

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Brave YOSHIHIKO Series

Brave "YOSHIHIKO" and the great satan's castle (2011)
Brave "YOSHIHIKO" and the demon's key (2012)
Brave "YOSHIHIKO" and the seven driven people (2016)

A village is plagued by a deadly, mysterious disease of which the only cure is a rare herb. However, the village hero who was sent to obtain th...

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Cheers to you!―Happy Prize Project

The motto of this program is, "Do one good deed in each location," drawing from the old Japanese saying, "Do one good deed each day." Popular comedians Takashi Okamura and Hon Kon (Kurano Takahiro), go throughout Japan doing "a bit of good" to make people smile.

"A Bit of Good" Happiness Project...

Could you Judge this?

Have you ever questioned unreasonable incidents happened in your daily lives? For instance, your friend got angry at you for not replying the text message within 2 hours. Your boyfriend scolded you because you asked him to throw away the gifts from his ex-girlfriend. The show invites celebrities and...


In Dawn of GAIA, the viewer is introduced to a range of themes, from global and national economic trends to consumer and financial markets, and little-known Japanese technologies. The idea is to present Japan from a different perspective and dramatically show how people at the forefront of various f...

Dead Stock

Two young TV directors, one a sensitive introvert and the other an ambitious cynic, re-investigate the strange and supernatural phenomena found on unaired videotapes discovered in the vaults of an old TV station, ends up facing the horrifying mystery concealed.
Inspired by real events and urban leg...

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Dream House 超乎想像!住宅改造王 完成!ドリームハウス

What makes an ideal house? A warm, sunny interior perhaps, or a house with a rooftop spa and a fantastic view? Maybe a large garden where the kids can play?

Everyone has a different answer. But what if you're limited to a plot size of just 20㎡ ? Don't give up, because help is at hand from super ...

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Dreaming Journey 如夢之旅 いい旅・夢気分

From stunning scenery changing with the seasons to local cuisine using local produce to the countless hot springs --- Japan is a land of such variety that even many Japanese do not realize the full extent of its richness. Our program introduces viewers to beautiful yet largely unknown locates throug...

Escaping Poverty Through the Power of Love

This is a TV program that offers owners of failing restaurants, bars, and inns with large outstanding loans a chance where they can give it their all and start all over again. The program staff formulates a plan and strategy to rebuild the failing business, and places the owners under the tutelage o...

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Gourmet Detective 美食刑事立花 めしばな刑事 タチバナ

Tachibana, a detective at Josei police station can not help himself from talking about B listed foods such as Gyudon or instant ramens.
Crime suspect Shimada do not speak out at all during the investigation. Suddenly Tachibana starts to talk about the soba restaurant "Fuji Soba" which he loves to ...

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Grace of Japan 日本神社百景 神社百景

This wonderful show follows the four distinct seasons of Japan, showing the most beautiful shrines in the seasons that suit them most. Many of these Shrines have expansive grounds, with a natural beauty enhanced by the different seasons that color them. Enjoy this celebration of Japan’s heritage.

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High School 3-C!

TV TOKYO will create an “Ideal” Home Room in one year. Every week in this daily live show we will invite 5 amateur young contestants to join the class room for five days and try numerous activities prepared by the classroom teachers. On the last day only one out of five contestants stay in the class...

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Hitch Housing 來去鄉下住一晚 田舎に泊まろう!

No famous places or historic sites, no luxury hotels, hot-spring spas or high-flown cuisine. Can such a show actually be a travel program? In Hitch Housing, viewers get to experience a truly make-d kind of travel experience that no other travel program can provide.

In each program, our intrepid ...


Comedian Junji Takada is now 65 years old and at the age of retirement. Accompanied by Yuuka Aiuchi, a young announcer he reports on what the older generation is doing for fun and to keep themselves busy. Have fun with Junji as he discovers this new and enjoyable chapter of life. This uplifting prog...

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Human Racing 人力歸家競賽 人レース

Pigeon Racing is a sport of releasing trained pigeons from the same place at the same time, and let them compete the speed of flying back.
Pigeon Racing is a competition based on Pigeon's homing instinct, however for this program, we will do the same with Humans! How strong can the homing instinct ...

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I wanna be Home!!! Lost at the ends of the world

The craziest survival game show staged Worldwide.

What if you are suddenly left at the other side of the world, without your cell phone or map? “I wannabe Home!!!” is a reality game show which can be staged anywhere in world. The challengers have only 7 days and USD 500 to reach back home on the...

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Journey of Japan's 'Good'!

From stunning scenery changing with the seasons to local cuisine using local produce to the countless hot springs --- Japan is a land of such variety that even many Japanese do not realize the full extent of its richness. Our program introduces viewers to beautiful yet largely unknown locates throug...

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Just Eating

What if a pretty girl suddenly appears and starts to eat in front of you…

A story about a girlShizuru who magically appears in front of people and just eats. Kakino who has divorced 3 times, was spending all his day working to earn the consolation money for his 3 ex-wives. In the middle of exhau...

  • Romance


The most pure and cute love story of a girl who falls in love with a mysterious class president wearing paper bag on his face…

Yuiko on the first day of her high school catches a cold. She receives a call from her class president Matsubara, worried about her absence, and instantly falls in love ...

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Let's go to Hokkaido!

Hot springs, accommodation, fine dining, outdoor sports and much more! Discover many of the great attractions Hokkaido has to offer in this exciting and informative show which will highlight Hokkaido's most delicious desserts, great skiing spots and even the best places to visit at no cost.


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Mysterious Regions of the World

Exclusive and rare footage shot during the last 20 years in various regions of the world.
Series 1 (total 6 episodes):

LADAKH: Mysterious Regions of Himalayan Range (93minutes)
Zanskar is located between the border of India and Pakistan, on the Himalayan Range. Due to various internal confl...

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National Family Challenge 100萬到我家 ミリオン家族

National Family Challenge is an interactive game show in which any family can participate. The family members battle against crazy challenges posed by the presenter, to win $10,000. Hide and Seek Battle is popular segment of the show.

For instance, In Hide and Seek Battle, the three presenters v...

Night Hero NAOTO

A popular dancer possesses another face, an underground masked hero

What if the member of national performance group EXILE, the leader of J soul Brothers, NAOTO, is an underground masked hero? The drama depicts another side of this national pop star, who was forced to work as a hero against his ...

Office of the Dead

Zombies appear in TOKYO.
A comedy drama featuring the Zombie Police

Shinsuke Akaba is living a pretty steady and boring life, catching zombies everyday.
…Wait! Zombies!?!?
Yes, Shinsuke is living in a world invaded by Zombies.
Although he seems like a normal government servant, he is ac...

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One Step One Penny

Walk step by step and your dream may come true…

Challengers are able to earn one penny per one step by wearing a dream helmet. At the end of the journey, total money earned by walking minus travel cost will be paid to the challenger. Their purposes vary,
-An ex-Olympic medalist suddenly starts ...

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Yakuza may die anytime, that’s why we never eat mediocre food.

Ryota, who is an average university student happens to shelter a gang boss Yanagiba by coincidence. To Ryota’s surprise Yanagiba was the best cook he have ever encountered. Although the recipe is simple, the food Yanagiba cooks is un...

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Peek the culture, Seek the rules

Common sense and social rules may seem natural, but if you change your surroundings, you will encounter unbelievable laws, customs, and rituals. This program gathers curious customs from all over the world, introduced in the form of a quiz. We investigate strange rules in various business spheres wi...

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Pet Parade 寵物總動員

Laughable, surprising and adorable animals!

An animal program enjoyable for everyone kids to adults. Watching cute puppies during their owner's absence and documenting their mischief. Can baby pony run faster than human? Dog's swimming race, and Frisbee catch competition ...and more!


Pet Wonderland Daisuke-kun travels Around Japan

This program features Daisuke the Traveling Pooch (a Labrador Retriever) as he travels all over Japan along with the Dog Adviser, Matsumoto-kun to discover interesting pets (dogs, cats, etc with unique skills and traits). New bonds and friendships are formed as they (Daisuke and Matsumoto-kun) repor...

Pet Wonderland! POCHI-TAMA

Pet Wonderland ! POCHI-TAMA could be described as a 'healing' Japanese-style variety show, in which the dreams of pet-loving viewers are realized, and allows the viewer to share in the joy of owning a pet.

Unique Pets from around the World, scenes of Pets playing Cute and Pet-Owner dreams are al...

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Draining pond water project has become a phenomenon in Japan!

After the first broadcasting, “Draining Pond Water” project has become a sensation in Japan.
Celebrities visit muddy, dirty ponds and drain all the water up to investigate what is causing the pollution.
In many cases the pollution is...

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Principal's Trump Card

No matter how much one might have disliked studying, everyone loved school field trips: classes held outside the classroom were somehow always interesting. Even now, you can probably still remember what these lessons were about.

Principal's Trump Card is an informational program that delivers a ...

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Rappers of Saitama Drama

Mega-Hit Hip-Hop Movie “Rappers of Saitama” comes back as Drama

In 2009 March, when film “Rappers of Saitama” was first released the theaters were packed everyday, attracting so much audience. The 2nd and 3rd film won numerous awards, it was a sensation for Japanese film lovers. Fans have waited...

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Road Tripping "A Go! Go!"

A mini travel show featuring celebrities who hit the road introducing various Japanese locales, from first-rate hot springs to superb local cuisines. This program features ever-changing picturesque seasonal scenery and provides the latest sightseeing information. Each episode stars diverse cast of c...

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Smart Travelers

For 25 years TV Tokyo has been producing numerous travelogue programs. By gathering years knowledge of travel producing, we were able to propose this innovative program! "Smart Travelers" is a travelogue variety program which introduces the most remarkable hotels, hot springs and gourmet throughout...

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Solitary Gourmet Series (Season 6 Starting in April, 2017)

This drama features the art of eating alone. Goro Inogashira runs his own little imported goods business and visits many different towns from day to day. The places where he stops to eat are where this drama unfolds. In each episodes he discovers new and surprising gourmet food and we are treated to...

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Tada`s DO-IT-ALL house

“Tada`s DO-IT-ALL house” (The Naoki (literary) award winning, bestselling novel) was made into film in 2011 Spring, attracting people all over Japan. Now the beloved buddies Tada and Gyoten return as a TV drama!

Tada, a strict and diligent divorcee, runs a utility house situated in Mahoro(A subu...

Takayuki Yamada ’s Festival de Cannes

A hilarious mockumentary film of Japanese crew aiming for Cannes Award.

One day Takayuki Yamada (A Japanese Actor) calls Atsuhiro Yamashita (Japanese Movie Director) and says he would like to shoot a film to win an award in Cannes Film Festival.
Takayuki starts his own production company in Ja...

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THE GOD’S TONGUE "Don’t let her kiss you" 神之舌-親吻忍耐大賽 ゴッドタン

‘THE STUDY BLOCKERS’ and "Don't let her kiss you" is one of the projects of the original program ‘The GOD’S TONGUE’. ‘The GOD’S TONGUE’ is one of the most eccentric late night programs, with popular Japanese comedians challenging the most foolish projects. Despite of its low production cost with sim...

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Memorize10 words in 10 minutes…avoid the disturbances of Study BlockersEveryone should have more or less experienced coping with the distraction when trying to study. Even though in heart we know we should concentrate, there are too many temptation other than the work we are facing. “The Study Block...

The supporting actors

What if six renowned supporting actors shared a house?

In 2002, six actors were selected as “Six actors supporting the Japanese Movie Industry”. Years have past since then, the six of them made a dramatic leap and gained a lot of fame. “The supporting actors” is a dreamlike drama project, co-sta...

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The Wonderful Travel with European Art 美之歐洲的浪漫旅行

You will find the answer for “why” beyond beauty
The journey begins from the origins of each painting and museum. In addition, when you come across things of the beauty during your travels, questions will be answered.
-What were the origins of the creation of Venice?
-What is the power behind th...