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Cicada Boy

cicada boy
Copyright© tv asahi/MMJ
7 day love story of a beautiful cicada prince and a post prime woman in her 30’s.

A cicada was born in the garden of Utsusemi-So apartment in the outskirts of Tokyo. The cicada shouts “Finally, I made it!” and emerges from the ground – but at that very moment, he sees a woman falling toward him. The cicada accepts his death, but she manages to avoid him. Her name is Yuka, an ordinary woman around thirty, who happens to live in Utsusemi-So.

The cicada sees loneliness in her face, and decides to become a human to grant her wish as a token of his gratitude for sawing his life.

Yuka has no idea why she is living together with this boy, and as the cicada boy knows nothing about the human world, Yuka is surprised by his strange words and behaviors. But his never-ending wish to make her happy makes her fall in love with this prince-like cicada boy. However, once above the ground, a cicada has only seven days to live….
Ryosuke Yamada (山田涼介)
Haruka Kinami (木南晴夏)
Mio Imada (今田美桜)
Shizuyo Yamada (山崎静代)
Ichiro Yatsui (やついいちろう)
Yukiya Kitamura (北村有起哉)
Sawako Agawa (阿川佐和子)
Fumi Dan (檀ふみ)
Kou Takasugi (高杉亘)
Minako Tanaka (田中美奈子)
Ken Miyake (三宅健)
Hitomi Sato (佐藤仁美)
Maho Minamoto (皆本麻帆)
Umi Yamano (山野海)
Keisuke Watanabe (ワタナベケイスケ)
Ryo Ikeda (池田良)
Ai Tsubakihara (椿原愛)
Scenario Writer
Yoshikazu Okada (岡田惠和)
Production Year
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Male / 20-34
Male / 35-49
Female / 20-34
Female /35-49