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Detective Zero

Detective Zero | tv asahi
©tv asahi / TOEI COMPANY, LTD.
Tokiya used to be a competent veteran detective with 20 years of experience. But he lost all of his memories related to his career when he was following a case. He has memories of his everyday life but all memories related to his job, his experiences as a detective and the cases that he has worked on are gone. Though he has to start his detective life from scratch, his “five senses” and “insights” are still acute as ever and will help him solve new cases.

Baffled by the loss of his professional memory, Tokiya struggles to solve tricky cases relying on his five senses and insight. The immediate cause of his memory loss is an external injury he suffered when he was chasing a criminal but his doctor suspects there might be a psychological cause behind his symptoms. In fact, he had found out a “secret” right before he lost his memory. Would he be able to untangle that secret to get his memory back?
Ikki Sawamura (沢村一樹)
Miori Takimoto (瀧本美織)
Susumu Terajima (寺島進)
Daisuke Yokoyama (横山だいすけ)
Tsubaki Nekoze (猫背椿)
Ikkei Watanabe (渡辺いっけい)
Naomi Zaizen (財前直見)
Tetsuya Takeda (武田鉄矢)
Scenario Writer
Masashi Todayama (戸田山雅司)
Production Year
54 min.
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Target: Male / 20-34, 35-49 | Female / 20-34, 35-49