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Police and Prosecutor

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A new detective buddy drama is coming up! An ex-gymnastic teacher working as a police detective and a super-elite Tokyo University graduate prosecutor are to become a bizarre buddy. They always clash head-on, but eventually they find themselves sharing the same chemistry within themselves.

Nakaido, the passionate police detective, is eager to arrest criminals by all means and be appreciated by victims. He plunges into cases without any care for compliance issues. On the other hand, Mashima, the level-headed prosecutor, is convinced that proving a criminal’s guilt and prosecuting successfully is the best way to achieve social justice.

The difference in their ways and beliefs in pursuing a case causes much contradictions but they are buddies at heart without their being aware of it. The drama with an innovative new angle is packed with comical scenes though it deals with the serious issue of “what is justice?"
Kenta Kiritani(桐谷健太)
Masahiro Higashide(東出昌大)
Manami Higa(比嘉愛未)
Hayato Isomura(磯村勇斗)
Mio Imada(今田美桜)
Kento Shibuya(渋谷謙人)
Kazusa Okuyama(奥山かずさ)
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TV Asahi Corporation
TIMESLOT : Prime Time
FREQUENCY : Weekly / Special
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