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Grab It! Hold It! Count It!

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Four teams will be invited into the mansion of money and get the chance to win actual cash.
Hosting this big money giveaway will be a different celebrity guest– a mega-rich rock star, movie star or sports star – who has brought with them a number of incredible cash machines that will pump out genuine banknotes.
There are fantastic contraptions such as a fountain that jets money instead of water, or a ballroom with exploding disco balls of cash or even a money dragon that you must ride to get your hands on the money!

21st Century Girl

15 female filmmakers, all born around 1990, contribute about 6 to 8 minutes each to this film showcasing their views of the world, society and gender issues.

  • Drama (Series)
  • For Women
  • Romance

around 1/4

Omnibus Love Stories based on popular comics
~Different perspectives of 5 pals who spend time in the same place at the same time~
At the cafe bar “NONKI,” five pals who used to work as part-timers when they were students gather as usual. Each of them is now 25 years old, but when they meet at the ...

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At Least On Sunday Night

Three Japan Academy Award winners co-starring‼

Old apartment complexes, rented houses in the suburbs, and cabs running empty through the city. There is nothing special to note about these ordinary scenes, which have been left behind by the times, have lost their liveliness, and are somewhat lonel...

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Attack 25

One of the most famous quiz shows in Japan.
As a nationwide program, it has aired 1800 times and still continuously airing.
Are you smart enough to answer tough questions?
Or strategically wise to win? Then we challenge you!

  • Food/Cooking

Ban-san's Heartfelt Dinner 

There are those nights when your heart and stomach are simply too full.
Akira Ban, who’s known as Ban-san, drives on the streets of Osaka as a taxi driver. He encounters puzzled passengers with troubled lives and somehow ends up sitting with them at his favorite food spots in the city. A series of ...

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Before After

Dreaming of the perfect house for your family?
This is a house renovation show which will dramatically change the life of the chosen family.

A dramatic renovation show that changes family’s life!
Cramped kitchens, dangerous stairs, tiny bathrooms... Each “Takumi,” the master of renovation, tu...

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  • School

Cinderella Again

"Before you ask me out, fix your appearance first."

Shion, a 17-year-old high school girl who had her first love confession cut short by the merciless words of her first lover, has grown up to be a beauty salon employee with a sophisticated appearance and solid skills and is now living a fulfilli...

  • Drama (Series)
  • For Women
  • Romance

Color of Romance

Anzu and Yuka are colleagues and best friends. At a company BBQ party, Anzu drinks too much instead of Yuka who does not want to drink. And she notices a handsome guy staring at her.
The next day, she bumps into the guy again at work. To her surprise, he is a new employee, Tetsuya. He tries to appr...

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This show focuses on comedians and actors, and finds out the differences of their power of expression. Actors and comedians, in team of 3, compete on how good they can dub on muted videos.

Challengers first watch a short muted video and then they put their voice on it.

The videos span from a ...

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Far Away Neighbours

Adventurous Places, Unbelievable Stories!
Is this a simple travel show? – NO!
A documentary show? – NO!
The format offers a mix of unimaginable adventure and human stories!
A traveler goes in search for their fellow countrymen in faraway places.

  • Drama (Series)
  • Romance
  • Scripted Format


Fumie is a single office worker in her twenties whose only purpose in life is to have sex. She spends her days looking forward to having sex with someone. In the morning, noon, and night, whether it's a regular person or someone new, male or female, it doesn't matter. Just like breathing in or drink...

  • Food/Cooking

Golden Spoon: Mama is the Best!!!

Every mother brings up her children with a lot of love.

Little and innocent 4 - 6 year-old kids are the judges here.

Every child would say ”Mama’s dish is the best!”

Mothers know their beloved kids’ favorite taste.

They have been brought up with homemade dishes by their mother.

Kids m...

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  • Drama (Series)
  • Idol

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die.

Eripiyo is an enthusiastic otaku girl who devotes her life to Maina, a member of a minor underground idol group, ‘ChamJam.’ Always dressed in a red tracksuit from high school, she puts all her money and time into Maina.
Wielding salmon pink penlights and shouting the name of her fave at the top ...

  • Entertainment

In the Middle of Nowhere ポツンと一軒家

There are dramatic stories in the middle of nowhere.

In various regions of Japan, mysterious isolated houses are found somehow hidden alarmingly far away from the nearby town. Who lives there? What made them se le themselves into such a way of life? Finding the clue just by a satellite photograph...

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Kids Love Therapy

[TREASURE BOX JAPAN|mipformats 2016]
Do you still remember your very First Crush? Love at First Sight? First time Holding Hands? Or first time Asking Out on a Date?
Kids fall in love the same way as adults, but the difference is that when we get old, we forget about the past and keep moving forw...

  • Drama (Series)
  • For Women
  • Romance

Marry Me!

Rinka Kumada (久間田琳加)
Toshiki Seto (瀬戸利樹)
Reiya Masaki (柾木玲弥)
Harumi Sato (佐藤晴美)
Yutaka Kyan (喜矢武豊)
Rintaro Mizusawa (水沢林太郎)
Kokoro Toyoshima (豊島心桜)

  • Entertainment
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  • Medical/Health

Medical Check-up Horror Show

Welcome to Black Hospital!
You probably have heard of symptoms that can lead to a serious illness!
Every episode, a specific disease will be tackled. A video clip will be played showing a symptom a patient experiences that will frightened viewers.
Generally, the Health TV program doesn't entertai...

  • Food/Cooking

Moco's Travel Kitchen Season 2 

Mocomichi Hayami, also known as Moco in his fast-selling cookbooks, is a prominent actor starring in “This Guy is the Biggest Mistake of My Life” and many other top-ranked Japanese dramas. The friendly hunk is also a serious chef, winning the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards' Japanese cooking category...

  • Drama (Series)
  • Horror
  • Idol
  • Romance

My Fave is Mine

A popular comic book that has been the talk of the town on SNS
Unexpected live-action adaptation!
A shocking love story depicting the runaway love for a Fave.

College student Hinaki has a secret she can’t tell anyone.
She is madly in love with Subaru, a member of the famous streaming group “Co...


The small theater troupe "ENGINE" has its rehearsal hall in a dirty building near Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka.
The young members of the troupe, including its signature actress Mai Yamaguchi, are hard at work on their rehearsals, even sparing time for sleep, as the Tokyo performance is just around the...

Pampaka Pants パンパカパンツ

Traveling through the world to find ‘Nice Pants’!

Pampaka the piglet learns from his grandfather that his talent of collecting the best pants has a unique family history. So, joined with his trusty feline friend Punyan the cat, Pampaka searches for the world’s greatest pants, stretching from the ...

  • Food/Cooking

Picky Eater Saver

[TREASURE BOX JAPAN|miptv2015 Format]
This new show could end everybody’s bad eating habit!
A new cooking program which involves judges, that all of them has something in common. Which is “disliking a particular food”.
The selected chefs are challenged to use that food to create a new type of ...

  • Romance

Rent A Girlfriend 

You can rent a girlfriend, but can you buy love? Hapless freshman Kazuya, reeling from a bad breakup, buys a few hours at the aquarium with the beautiful, polite girlfriend Chizuru.

Family, school, and life all start to go wrong, and to make matters worse, Chizuru is much more than the pretty fac...

  • Drama (Series)
  • For Women
  • Romance

Seductive Nights

Three bittersweet love stories

It is an omnibus-style love story of three love-troubled women and a sweet, lustrous, popular guy who, once hooked, becomes hard to get away from.

This guy is Ohnuma and he works for a publisher in planning and advertising.

Beautifully, delicately and boldly d...

  • For Women
  • Romance

Subscription Girls

A sensational love story about girls who can’t be someone’s special.

The main character, Tomo, for some reason, is only liked by men who have girlfriends. She is only asked out when it is convenient for the guys, but she can’t be their true love. She was tired of men who were indecisive and self-...

  • Comedy
  • Romance

The 3Bs You Shouldn't Date

"You should never date the 3Bs”

This is common-sense for all the girls out there.

The 3B stands for a Beautician, a Bartender, and a Band member.

This is a love story between Haru, a girl who cannot trust men, and the 3Bs.

  • Drama (Series)
  • Family
  • For Women
  • Human
  • Mystery

The Birthday Mystery

Is it a love story, a mystery, a human drama, or a social drama? The decision is yours.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sui Kurome is an almost stay-at-home housekeeper who lives with her manga artist father, Joji. Ten years had passed since she locked herself away in her room when Joji’s serialization of ...

The End of the World With You 

In 10 days, a meteorite will fall to earth.

Masumi is a company employee with the worst life in the world.

He visits the university library of his alma mater to at least spend his remaining time peacefully.

Ritsu, a man whom Masumi ran into at the library by chance after 10 years.

He was...

  • Drama (Series)
  • Romance

The Red Apple 

“Based on the controversial work by Koji Murata, sold more than 200,000 copies in total!”
The human mind has always dwelled upon the hidden and forbidden…
20XX, Japan bans all sexual activities.
Hikaru is an honorary high school student with no sex experience.
One day he and his friends secretly...

  • Action
  • Scripted Format

The Sealer

In this world, there exist demon swords. Those who have the sword will have their will taken over, and they will lust for human blood and keep on killing indiscriminately. The sealer is who searches for those blades that haunt people and seal them with his scabbard.


  • Food/Cooking

Thief Chef

"Thief Chef" is an ultimate cooking TV show format about chef's skills and pride in a competition style.
The show supports a reputable chef who is the Thief Chef to be, to challenge his rival or mentor chef.
Thief Chef attempts to "steal" and reproduce the signature dish of the rival chef without ...

  • Comedy
  • Romance

This Guy is The Biggest Mistake of My Life

A handsome genius CEO fell in love with me… but he was just a pervert!?

A girl, who works at a pharmaceutical company, just lost her loving dog whom she spent many years together. She was depressed and drunk at the bar, cursing all the drugs that did not work for her dog. A man sitting next to he...

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  • Nature
  • Travel

Travel Salad 旅サラダ

Travel Salad delivers you the freshly discovered trip information throughout Japan and you are sure to find a place you want to visit! From the popular tourist sites to hot hidden spots where even the repeaters don’t know of, we will provide you with the best choices of travel information.


  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Romance

Troubles All Abroad!

“A slapstick, funny, and heart-pounding office
reform love comedy for all working generations!”

Mamoru works at Off-White Inc. as a
publicist. She is trending on social media as “a
publicist so cute as an angel“ but in her heart
she feels empty. She dreams of working as
a top-notch Human-Rel...

  • Romance

We are Too Clumsy About Love

4 young men and women find real themselves through friendship, jealousy, betrayal, conflict.
A love story for all those that are bad at love!

Hana and Mizuki are best friends since elementary school.
Hana was cheated on by her ex-boyfriend and decided to go on a trip with Mizuki to heal her ...

  • Family
  • For Women
  • Reality

Welcome, Newlyweds! 

This is the reality talk show, started in 1971 and has run for over 40 years, making it one of the longest running shows In Japan.
Scheduled on Sundays as light comedy daytime programming, 2 newlywed couples talk about funny and sometimes embarrassing stories from their romances how they met and co...

  • Entertainment

Who Is The Real Celebrity

The celebrity must have the knowledge of a first class lifestyle.

The show has run successfully for more than 10 years in Japan!
The concept of this show is that the celebrity MUST HAVE knowledge of a first class lifestyle. Can you recognize the difference between a €10,000 wine and a cheap wine...

  • Entertainment
  • Food/Cooking

Wizard Chef -Ultimate Cooking Makeover-

This is not only a food show! It’s the battle of the Wizard Chefs’ Magic.
With just simple rules, the Wizards are challenged to makeover ordinary food into unbelievable fantastic dishes. When you finish watching the show, you will be blown off your feet and be fascinated of what they recreate. Only...