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Amazing Foods, how they are made?

As Hokkaido is called "a rich repository of ingredients," there are variety of food products introduced in this series. Some of them are said to be some of the best in Japan, but little known. Throughout this series, we present some very high quality foods and introduce who produces them as well as how these are made. Viewers will grasp the image of these foods of Hokkaido and will be stimulated to know more about the foods or even inspired to visit Hokkaido.

■ Episode list

#1. Sea Urchin and Sweet Shrimp
#2. Strawberry and Mozzarella
#3. Morning Picked Corn and Asparagus Sheep
#4. Stock Fish and Hokkaido Snow Cow
#5. Alpine Leek and Sakhalin Surf Clam
#6. Squilla and Scallop

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Destiny Tag of War

This is a reality show featuring tug-of-war, fighting according to the regional rule developed in Atsuma Town, where severely damaged by the earthquake in 2018. Townsmen of Atsuma challenge against the championship team from Tomakomai City. The town tries to win the TV broadcasting rights for thei...

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This is a very unique farmers’ show, introducing many agricultural products and dishes from Hokkaido, the largest farming area in Japan. As Hokkaido is the largest agricultural area in Japan, there are many kinds of farm produce such as rice, melon, watermelon, asparagus, potato, wheat, etc.

The ...

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Japan, Thousand Year of Soup Stock

This is an amazing food documentary to show thousand-year history of soup stock. The soup stock is the fundamental essence in Japanese dishes, and kombuor sea kelp, harvested in the northern sea of Hokkaido is known as the best ingredient for the stock. Now a days, the sea kelp is used not only for ...

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Lovely Shabby Lodges

Travelogue show to explore unique and eccentric accommodations located in far remote areas of Japan. These lodges are shabby and run-down looking but fully booked by tourists almost all the time. We explore why these odd lodges are loved so much. Three accommodations in different locations are fe...

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A heartwarming documentary to show how people connect the hearts between rural and urban.
Tokachi, eastern Hokkaido, is known as Japan’s largest farming area producing wealthy agricultural, dairy, and husbandry items. In this decade, farmers in Tokachi have been hosting more than 20,000 ...

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Nice Town Walks in Hokkaido with Rui Yoahida

Food and travel show starring Mr. Rui Yoshid, a haiku poet and a nation widely known food writer. In each episode, Yoshida picks one area in Hokkaido and visit their taking HBC anchor person. His destination can be a small and remote town, as well as well-known populated city. Once he gets there, he...

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Traveling Chef De France in Hokkaido

This series is very unique Food Traveling Show with famous French Chef Amandine Chaignot. She introduces delicious food in Hokkaido, Japan, such as Wagyu Beef, Seafood, Kombu. And she try to collaborate with local Chef living in Hokkaido and make some dishes in Japanese traditional way. This program...