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This is a very unique farmers’ show, introducing many agricultural products and dishes from Hokkaido, the largest farming area in Japan. As Hokkaido is the largest agricultural area in Japan, there are many kinds of farm produce such as rice, melon, watermelon, asparagus, potato, wheat, etc.

The show is led by two hosts, Mr. Hiroyuki Morisaki, a famous actor and comedian, and Ms. Yuuka Mori, an anchor of HBC. In every episode, the hosts take “agri-kids” to the farmers’ field where they learn and try what farmers do for their quality of life. "Agri-kids" is a group of children learning the agriculture. In most episodes, the group is consisted with children, but in some episodes, high school or college students, international students, or even aged adults join the group. The hosts and "agri-kids" share fun to learn the process of production, as well as experiencing the hard work of farming. We present the latest agricultural technology as well.

The show is aired every Saturday, 5PM in our location, and it has been going since 2008. It had been titled "Hokkaido Agricultural Paradise with Hiroyuki Morisaki" by March 2016, then we renewed the title to "Hokkaido Agricultural Paradise Next" in Apirl. The entire episodes are more than 416, and some were aired in Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Especially in Hong Kong, RTHK(香港電台網站), the public broadcaster, has acquired close to half of the entire epsisodes, and they are broadcasting on regular basis with Cantonese.

Hiroyuki Morisaki (森崎博之)
Yuuka Mori (森結有花)
Production Year
30 min.
International sales company
Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd
Production: 2008 – ON GOING
Org Territory: Hokkaido
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