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The Universe at Our Feet

(c) NHK
Bejeweled green leaves glitter in the sunlight. Horsetails appear to be small dancing dolls. Beautiful, fantastic mushroom spores fly through the air. Such captivating visions of ordinary plants are captured by 82 year-old Hany Ciabou, a nature photographer. Even the simplest tableaus turn into amazing dynamic worlds through his lens. In addition to still photography, at the age of 75 he began making video recordings of flora. He aspires to catch the moment when seemingly motionless plants move. Hany Ciabou's amazing, microcosmic images depict the preciousness of life.
Production Year
1 x 49 min.
International sales company
Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP)

(c) NHK
Clean, M/E + English
English script